The Exigence Group, a national physician-owned organization, provides a fresh, customized approach to management solutions for hospitals, health systems, patients and providers.

Emergency Medicine – We offer a data-driven improvement process, transformative leadership and customized solutions that result in enhanced patient safety and satisfaction, successful physician recruitment and positive financial outcomes for our partners. learn more

Hospitalist Medicine – Exigence Hospitalists rapidly respond to problems that arise during in-patient care and respond to diagnostic and clinical data as it becomes available, resulting in dramatic reductions in length of stay and improved patient safety and satisfaction. learn more

Urgent Care – Exigence has expertise and experience in business and market intelligence, site selection and facilities planning, legal and payor issues, marketing and clinical operations for high-volume, patient-centered urgent care operations. learn more

Wellness Programs – Exigence Wellness MAPHS works with employers, employees and healthcare professionals to design and deliver customized, sustainable programs that promote employee buy-in and inspire success. learn more

Occupational Medicine – Exigence has extensive experience in the occupational and industrial health field helping businesses reduce injuries, lower costs and promote a safe workplace. learn more

Medical Homes – Exigence Healthcare Solutions provides a Patient-Centered Medical Home Model that includes team-based disease management, health coaching, diet/nutrition, counseling, smoking cessation, exercise and close observation. learn more